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After rebranding last fall, Cherry Cinema released their first single Don't Do It. The song was very well received both on national radio such as NRK P3 and streaming playlists such as New Music Friday, New Music Daily and Sounds of Norway. This single marked the start of a new era culminating in the EP "Crystal Clear: Disc 1". 

Musically, the band has now found their true self, and their sound is more confident than ever. In their music you can hear both Paramore, Mitski and Electric Youth, but first and foremost it is unmistakably Cherry Cinema, the 80s reincarnated in a heavy hitting indie pop band from Norway. 

Cherry Cinema is Ida Sofie Laland, Eirik Lindtner & Olav Hanem

Car.pool - Credit Fabian Henning (_fabivsu)-1.jpg
  • Vidsyn Rosendal
    lør. 10. jun.
    10. jun., 17:00 – 11. jun., 00:00
    Rosendal, Rosendal, Norge
    We're playing at the new festival in Rosendal, Vidsyn. Tickets:

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